Anchorage, AK


Palmer, AK

Archangel Valley, Hatcher Pass, AK

Muldrow Glacire, Denali National Park, AK

Healy, AK

Beluga Point, AK

McHugh Creek

Denali Stitch


Alaska Bound 2015


It started almost 9 months prior, over coffee on a January afternoon in downtown Calgary. What started out as a conversation about a co-working looking for a travel partner to Africa quickly segued into my previous years trip to Alaska. As it just so happened, the same co-worker had just stumbled upon a “Too-good-to-be-true” flight deal to Anchorage. I didn’t believe her, there had to be a catch.

There wasn’t…

That night I began making plans. In 2014 I left a part of myself in Alaska, it had captivated me, and I had to go back.

Together with my roommate, and climbing partner, Clint McCarthy, and life-long friend from my home town, Kyle Jessup, I began crafting our expedition.