It’s been a crazy few years to say the least…


The pursuit of this dream began over 9 years ago now. The past 6 have been dedicated almost solely to climbing photography, as I am sure in the next 6 it will continue to be my main focus. But in the last 2 years I have also fallen in love with the world of Stand Up Paddling – SUP. After several back-to-back seasons chasing eastern Ontario and western Quebec waterways, shooting SUP has taken a worthy second ranking in my pursuit.

A big thanks for that development goes out to my good friend and champion SUP racer, Courtney Sinclair. Court taught me the ropes on paddling and has been a tremendous help in the development of my paddling photography. Check out her page – www.courtsinclair.comto see some of my recent paddling work, and to connect with Court if you find yourself in White Water Region, Ontario.


In the past year I have undertaken several major life changes – All for the better – which lead us to today. The continuation of something familiar, but the start of something new, as well. Without giving away too many of the exciting notes, here are a few of the visible changes you will be finding over the coming weeks across the site…

  1. One big change you will see coming will be the implementation of some advertising links across the site as a way to help me continue to keep doing what I love to do. This implementation will come through links in blog posts, sometimes in the form of a banner ad, or a side bar ad. One thing I can assure, is that I will not promote any product or services that I, myself, would not be willing to use. When it comes to gear you can trust that most items are gear that I do own, trust and use. If there is ever an event where I do not own a product discussed, this will be made clear.
  2. The addition of a Paddling Photography section in my portfolio – I am very excited to share some of the work I have been doing on this!
  3. More blog posts! You’ll be hearing recounts from my walk-about through Australia, more trip profiles, and more!
  4. … Coming soon (I can’t give away all the goodies just yet).


I’m excited to share updates on my continued partnership with Raceday Fuel. As well as on my newest sponsor, with the Flashed Climbing Team.

But for now, training season is under way for me, and boulder season is just around the corner – albeit a snowy corner. And those Bow Valley limestone walls beckon.


See you out there.