It’s that time of year again! The powder is flying, ice is forming, and the Christmas season is closing in.

As temperatures drop, it’s key to remind ourselves that smart hydration and nutrition choices are just as important now as they are during the warmer months – quite arguably even more so, as our body can be working extra hard to keep core temperatures up, while still keeping us preforming efficiently. And don’t be fooled, by that blowing snow. The cold, dry air pulls moisture from our bodies my quicker than we think about.

The rad folks at Raceday Fuel have played a key role in my adventures over the last few years and always seem to have just what I need for the next leg of the journey.

Whether you’ve got an adventurous soul on your Christmas list, or you’re looking to drop a few hints to someone who has you on theirs – fear not! Below, I’ve compiled a Winter Essentials Christmas Gift Guide of a few of my most used, and favourite fueling and recommendations from that help keep me from giving in to the winter elements.



1. SKRATCH LABS Exercise Hydration Mix – Apples & Cinnamon
Hot apple cider in the backcountry?… Yes please!

This is by far one of my favourite products that Skratch Labs has released. Make it at home and take a thermos on the go, or pack a few single-serves to make it in the field. This non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and kosher drink mix is going to keep you hydrated and happy when things get messy and cold. It also makes a great treat by the fire on those cozy nights in.



2. TREEHOUSE Chocolate Co. Hot Drinking Chocolate
Why NOT spoil yourself a little bit more in the backcountry?

There’s nothing like crawling into camp at the end of a long day and curling up with some hot cocoa. Treehouse takes your typical big store brand name hot chocolate to a whole other level. Put simply, this is Damn. Good. Cocoa.



Something for the meatetarians.

We all love a good snack of Beef Jerky, right? But what we don’t like is how rock hard and extra chewy your typical jerky gets when its cold. Sue’s Jerky takes a different spin on your classic jerky, with soft, bite-sized jerky nuggets. Single-serve packets deliver mouth-watering, protein and sodium rich adventure fuel.




Maple Syrup, sea salt, ginger. Enough said.

Endurance tap is the only gel I use. It is quite literally a shot of maple syrup, with ginger and sea salt added in. It doesn’t get much more natural and simple than this stuff. As someone who was raised in a maple bush, making our own syrup, I set my bar high where maple is concerned. This is a great “pick-me-up” on long endurance day, for both energy and moral – just don’t forget to keep fueling with something slow-releasing in addition to quick-burn sugars.




Imagine a two-bite brownie…

Now take that idea, but lets make it Organic, Non GMO, Soy/Dairy/Gluten/Preservative free, add in RAW dark chocolate, goji berries, coconut oil and cacao nibs, and leave out the refined sugars… And I give you, Kewaza Energy Balls. Basically a power-house desert on the go.



While nothing beats proper nutrition prep before a big day (or days) in the field, these are all excellent additions to your field kit – But should not be a full replacement for a good game-day meal. All of them come in single-serve, easy to pocket portions – Which comes in handy when the sun hits the ice above you, and you get showered on in -20C temps, and your pack freezes shut on the first pitch of ice for the day – Yes, true story, that actually happened.

This is only a small sampling of what you’ll find at Head over now and get the goods in time for those Christmas adventure days! Drop in coupon code philipq10 at checkout to get yourself 10% off your order (with free shipping over $99).

Stay warm, well fueled, and get after it!