On Sunday (November 2, 2014), I competed in my first climbing comp – Old Man Pete’s Boulder Comp, at the University of Calgary.

Being my first time competing (and knowing the caliber of the competition), I joined the ranks of the beginner class – And glad I did! What a good crew to climb along side.

16 problems over 2 hours, including a funky toe-hook/hip balance bonus, and a flag-pole style vertical shimmy sealed off the day…

A first place finish day!! Definitely not what I expected for my first comp. I climbed hard and strong, on-sighting 13 out of 14 of the regular problems.

I started into a dedicated bouldering training program in early September to help get prepped, focusing on power, strength and foot technique. I can absolutely say it made a huge difference in how I climbed. I started climbing regularly at Calgary Climbing Centre’s Strong Hold in June, after calling the UofC gym home for just over a year. The difference in climbing styles between the different gyms is pretty big when you go from full-time in one style, to full-time in another. But coming back to the UofC really showed me just how much I’ve gotten back from my efforts over the last few months.

To celebrate my victory and that of my friend and climbing buddy Bethany Ladd (1st place in Woman’s Intermediate), we skipped the bar and headed straight for Banff to catch Jeff Lowe’s “Metanoia” World Premier at the Banff Film Festival. An incredibly inspiring film to top off an incredible day.

Now its on to the next challenge! Who’s to say what it may be, but it’s on it’s way!