Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the world! Glad you stopped by.

Since you’re here, I can likely assume that, like me, you have a passion got adventure and exploration, and everything outdoor awesome – But before we get into the good stuff, a little about me.

I grew up in central Ontario, in the bush, just outside a small town called Quadeville. The urge to explore and go on adventures came first nature at a young age. We were anything but bored growing up. I hunt and fish. I hike, climb and explore.

In 2008 I move to Calgary, AB, right after finishing up my Audio Engineering program at OIART (Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology), in search of a new adventure. Six years later it’s hard to imagine life without the mountains next door. I’ve been fortunate to spend a great deal of time in and around the Rockies, and I’am now anxious to spend even more time in the mountains – In Alberta and beyond.

I started climbing a year and a half ago (January 2013) and finally took up snowboarding again this past winter – Two things I have been itching for, for quite a while.

I first got into the Adventure Media/Adventurpreneurial world a few years back. I went to school for Freelance Outdoor Journalism, through The North American School of Outdoor Writing (NASOW), which helped lead me to my first solo backpacking trip in 2011, across Australia (More to come on this adventure a bit later!).

A lot of my inspiration for adventure and media production comes from places like Camp 4 Collective, Sender Films and NatGeo – Guys like Jimmy Chin, Renan Ozturk, Keith Ladzinski, to name a few.

After a bit of time away, I am finally getting back in the saddle and ready to get back to adventure. This space is to be my share point for adventures, learning experiences and all things [that I find] awesome in the outdoors. Expect a lot of photos and entries of different kinds, some gear reviews and links to cool stuff (articles, new tech, news, etc.)


Who’s ready for an adventure!?